9, Apr 2024
Shroom Delivery Toronto


As Canada slowly enters the era of retail magic mushrooms, shroom delivery toronto has a new shop like any other — complete with taped-off windows and a buzzer to open the door. The psychedelic boutique, called Shroomyz, opened in the city’s west end this year and sells everything from dried psilocybin to microdose capsules. The store’s opening marks a significant shift in how Canadians view psilocybin and could lead to the same type of debate about regulation that preceded cannabis stores as they entered the market in cities across the country.

Efficient Shroom Delivery in Toronto: Your Local Choice

The owner of the Toronto shop, Stacey Kagan, says she hopes her business and others like it will push the federal government to relax laws that treat mushrooms as a Schedule 1 drug. She’s not worried about a raid or arrest, saying it’s no different than when illegal weed shops got their start and then started to get more respect from the law.

While the effects of psilocybin on humans are still in the early stages, research has shown that it can significantly reduce depression and ease anxiety for people with cancer facing death. It’s also been found to be an effective treatment for some types of chronic pain, including cluster headaches and phantom limb pain. If you’re considering using psilocybin for medicinal purposes, it’s best to use the services of a “trip sitter.” A reputable trip sitter is familiar with hallucinogens and can help process thoughts, feelings and any physical experiences that may occur during the experience.

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