Why I’m running to serve South Jersey

Why I’m running to serve South Jersey

I’m running as a Democrat for Congress because I see too many people in our communities struggling, and politicians in Washington leaving them behind. I will fight for rural and working families who are getting beaten down and forgotten—and I will focus on pocketbook issues, like stagnant wages, not status quo politics.


Financial Security

Republican policies have consistently disadvantaged working families and eroded the middle class—once the shining example for people everywhere. In 2015, New Jersey was dead last in economic growth. We must invest in infrastructure, in innovation, manufacturing and STEM. And we must work with and encourage our business partners to invest in our communities.


Every American deserves quality, affordable healthcare, but Republican efforts would strip care from millions of Americans, raise premiums, and reduce accessibility to coverage. I will work hard to develop a path to universal, affordable, comprehensive healthcare, protect Planned Parenthood, and ensure that active-duty service members and veterans get the respect and care they deserve.


Education is the path to better jobs, higher wages and a higher quality of life for all of us. A trained, educated work force is required to compete in a global economy. Automation and technological progress force us to focus on jobs for the future. We must build a path forward that includes revamped high schools, and two- and four-year training options after high school.

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